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All in One Platform

for Real Estate Pros

RealtyView is the ultimate Agent to Agent Platform for Real Estate. CRM, Listings, Showings, Offers, Documents, and Transactions; All in One.


Collaborate with Agents and get better business management; From Clients to Closings.

RealtyView is forever-free. We don't require your credit card.

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What is RealtyView?

RealtyView is the first all in one Real Estate management platform for Real Estate. Our comprehensive platform  includes a CRM, Showing Management, Offer Management, Transaction management, In-App Messaging, and more. 

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RealtyView's CRM doesn't overwhelm you with tools you won't need or ever use. Add leads, convert them to Clients, stay organized, and focus on closing deals.


Centralize your property listings with RealtyView for streamlined tracking and updating. RealtyView simplifies the listing process so you can go to market faster.

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Effortlessly send and receive showing requests through our all-in-one platform. Manage your schedule with our integrated showing manager and seamlessly sync with your calendar for optimal organization.

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Easily handle sending and receiving offers with our comprehensive platform. Stay on top of your offers using our offer inbox for streamlined organization.

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Manage your transactions seamlessly alongside your entire business. Track statuses, oversee tasks, and collaborate with all parties involved in the transaction for smooth and efficient operations.

We're here to answer your questions.

Find answers to any questions you may have. Can't find what you're looking for? Check out our full documentation or start a chat with us!

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  • 2. Why is RealtyView free?
    It's simple; Free means less friction when deciding to sign up. The larger our network is, the better it will be for everyone. This lends to our ultimate goal of building the most robust real estate eco-system for professionals.
  • 1. Is RealtyView really free?
    Yes, RealtyView is 100% free for Agents and Brokers that work as individuals. While we do have enterprise plans for Brokerages and Teams in the works, individuals are not required to subscribe to a paid plan at all.
  • 4. How does the Showings work?
    When you're the listing agent of a property, you can share your showing link to your local MLS, social media or directly with your colleagues. They can directly book a showing time from your link no matter where you post it.
  • 5. How does the Offers work?
    Similar to showings, you can share your listing's link to your local MLS, social media, or with your colleagues. From there, you can submit a structured offer that will also generate a PDF document. Both formats will be sent to the Listing Agent and Buyer's Agent for review and to Clients for signatures if required.
  • 3. How does the CRM work?
    The CRM is pretty simple and straightforward. You can add your contacts, categorize them, and maintain relationships. From there, you can interact with showings, offers and transactions*. We feel that less is more and our straightforward features will create a more streamlined experience for all users.

Join the Community

Join your colleagues in participating in helping us build the most comprehensive platform for the Realtor community. Sign up now, it's free!

RealtyView is forever-free. We don't require a credit card.

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